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Door Supervision Services

Door Supervisors are required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of customers

About This Project

Door Supervisors are required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of customers at licensed events and premises. Often a stipulation of your licensing agreement but sometimes a choice to either assist in the success or further secure a venue and it’s visitors, getting the right Door Supervisors can be a difficult task.

There are many companies offering these services but few are able to supply the quality of Door Supervisor SRM can. With a Management Team combining to create decades of experience in Door Supervision, we have learnt the ever-increasing importance of Customer Service in this sector, ensuring your customers have a wonderful experience from the moment they arrive to their safe departure. Every colleague has been trained to understand the importance of Customer Service whilst carrying out their duties as trained to our specially developed in house programme, engaging the customer as often as possible in a polite and welcoming manner, we want to be part of their enjoyment not the cause of them failing to experience any. SRM believe in working together to build a successful business partnership.

As your provider of Door Supervisors, we will ensure site specific Risk Assessments are carried out routinely, and all Health and Safety requirements, Licensing Laws and Industry best practice are met. Our offer is entirely tailored to your requirements, from staff numbers to the way we dress.

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Door Supervision